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Welcome to the BCN CORPORATE website. We are a company specialised in services that allow one to easily fulfil the increasingly more complex formal obligations the Law and the Public Administrations impose on companies and private individuals. 

We provide:

ü  monitoring and management, for example, of electronic notifications by the Ministry of Finance and Social Security, that have replaced printed notifications

ü  representation of non-resident foreign companies or natural persons in their relations with the Spanish tax authorities

ü  obtaining and managing advanced electronic signatures for our clients, or in order for companies to fulfil the formal obligations the mercantile laws impose on them

ü  aid for companies in fulfilling their formal obligations of keeping and having all their commercial books up to date

BCN CORPORATE uses a wide range of advanced technological solutions that allow it to assure the quality of its services and provide you very moderate prices. BCN CORPORATE relieves you of the burden of formal obligation fulfilment to free you to concentrate your time and resources on management of your business or activities. 

We invite you to explore our web to know more about us and our services. 




Who we are

BCN CORPORATE is a professional service company, a subsidiary of BLASCO SELLARES legal + tax, a legal and tax advisory firm specialised in business law, M&A, tax planning, intellectual property and bankruptcy law.  

Setting up BCN CORPORATE as a separate corporation from its parent company is due to the fact that our clients' needs are diverse and heterogeneous and do not always require the same advisor and same resources to be adequately dealt with and resolved. Definitively, the aim is to identify specific client needs and to fulfil them with the most adequate, proportionate resources and procedures. 

BCN CORPORATE serves its clients by undertaking management of a series of tasks and even very well defined areas: tax representation, electronic signature management, outsourcing certain very specific administrative functions (see the "Services" section of this web). To this end, it uses specialised technical resources and specific procedures that allow it to offer the clients practical solutions to diverse legal obligations, at a really moderate cost. 

Being part of the BLASCO SELLARES legal + tax corporate group allows BCN CORPORATE to offer more than simple monitoring and formal representation services where necessary. When required, the client may swiftly obtain efficient tax or legal advice in proportion to its needs.

Our Services

What we do

Our Clients

For whom

Among BCN CORPORATE clients there are:

  • Foreign companies or individuals, not resident in Spain for tax purposes, and that:
    • They own Spanish subsidiaries (companies or branches)
    • They are Directors in Spanish companies
    • They do business in Spain in a permanent or temporary basis, or
    • They own properties in Spain (real estate, shares or rights of any nature)
  • Individuals, companies or entities, residents in Spain for tax purposes or not that:
    • They need to manage all their formal obligations before the Spanish Authorities in a simple and efficient way.
    • They need to keep all company records updated before the different Spanish registries.
    • They need to get and properly use electronic signature to deal with Spanish Authorities. 

In other words, any company, entity or individual in need of focalising their efforts in productive matters and to outsource the fulfilment of formal obligations in a efficient way, with no hassles.

Contact us

Where we are

If you wish to contact us, input your name and e-mail, write your query in the subject line and the message you wish to send us below. Answer the security question and click on "Send E-mail". Please, make sure you don’t send us any kind of confidential information by electronic mail unless one of our professionals tells you to. You may also call us if you wish. Below this text you will find the address, contact telephone and e-mail of our company.

  • Passeig de Gràcia 58, 4-2 08007 - Barcelona, Espanya
  • (+34) 93 487 2842

    (+34) 93 215 9036
  • Please use a REAL email address so that we can get back to you.
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